Election 2012 has been taking over the airwaves with election commercials and political commentary on almost every talk show. It has infiltrated living rooms, beauty salons and barber shops as every day people around the country engage in in-depth conversations on everything from President Obama‘s first term as president to a woman’s right to make her own health decisions.

You can add church to the places where politics has become the center of attention.

At The Park Church today Bishop Claude Alexander spoke from the subject, “The Best Thing for America.” Using Psalm 33 as the foundation for his message he reminded the congregation that a nation is blessed not by the humans that are in office, but because they have God as their Lord.

While he encouraged the congregation to register to vote, to understand the issues and make an informed decision on the best candidate to lead the nation, he warned of putting too much faith in man.

Citing with Abraham Lincoln and James A. Garfield, Bishop Alexander explained that the believer is never satisfied by human achievement, because one can be successful and not blessed.  The security of the government, said Bishop Alexander, is not in man, but in God.

What are your thoughts? What conversations, if any, is your church having about the upcoming election? Is it appropriate to bring politics into the church?