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While on the set of the film “Sparkle,” actress Tika Sumpter encountered comedian Mike Epps on a daily basis. He played the role of Satin, an abusive lover to her character’s sister. They formed a friendship that makes her chuckle when it crosses her mind. “He’d just come in the makeup room in the morning, and then he’ll just say something and be like, ‘Hey, chocolate.’ You know?,” says the 23-year-old actress while with a giggle.

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Some women of color take being called “chocolate” as an insult. Take Naomi Campbell for example, who said: “It’s upsetting to be described as chocolate.” That isn’t the case for Sumpter who shares a similar complexion. ”I think it’s a term of endearment,” she says.

“I mean I don’t care,” she continued. “It’s just like-I don’t know if it’s like they don’t know what else to say, you know. And that me, or do they just love my skin color? I don’t know.”

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“I don’t think it’s anything negative. I mean, chocolate’s my favorite thing to eat. So I can’t live without it. So I don’t mind it, you know, um, I don’t know. I don’t find it like a negative way. I just-it’s just-it is what it is. And I know when guys say it like, you know, I know when Mike Epps says it, it’s hila-like he’s just like ‘emph! It’s not like-it’s not a negative thing, you know. So I don’t care. Look, if Tyler Perry wants to pay me the money to call me ‘chocolate’ and be an ass, I’m cool with it.”

With young girls growing up to believe that lighter skin is more attractive, it is nice to know that Sumpter appreciates her flawless outer layer!

Beautiful Chick!

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