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Shortly before this morning’s broadcast, when Roberts made the announcement herself, this message appeared on GMA‘s official Twitter: “Friday will be @RobinRoberts’ last day before leaving for her bone marrow transplant and treatment for MDS.”

This morning, Roberts told viewers that she is preparing to check into the hospital from treatments next Tuesday. “It still takes about 10 days after being admitted because there are some things you have to go through before the (bone marrow) transplant actually occurs.

Roberts’ sister Sally will provide the bone marrow for the transplant. Roberts will be away from the program for months, though no specific return date has been announced. Throughout the week, GMA will celebrate “Robin’s journey.” Roberts, a breast cancer survivor, announced in June that she was suffering from MDS (myelodysplastic syndrome), a rare blood and bone-marrow disease, we don’t know when she will be back. But our hearts and prayers go out to Robin, for a speedy recovery, and a q2uick return to GMA!! We love you Robin!