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There’s always been a double standard placed on men when it comes to who they love. It’s obvious that when women express interest in the same sex, they’re more accepted than when men do the same. Some people even think it’  impossible for a man to be bisexual, claiming that once he goes “that way,” he’s there to stay. It’s not always that simple–gay or straight. There are people in this world that believe in the fluidity of sexuality.

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Now that the idea of open sexuality has made more of a splash in mainsteam, more and more women and men are opening up themselves to the idea of dating bisexual people. Men often love the idea of their girl having a girlfriend, but women are a bit more resistant of doing the same.

Check out this really interesting piece from Uptown by Tamika Newhouse about dating a bisexual man below:

Dating and finding a spouse in today’s world is already difficult — from your chosen career path to the baggage you carry from past relationships to HIV, STD, and other health risks. As if it isn’t already hard enough for straight women to find the ideal mate, we’re suddenly being challenged with the idea of dating the bisexual male.

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Imagine my surprise last month when R&B artist Frank Ocean took the ladder and openly revealed his history of bisexuality. I began to think about the fate of the single black woman. Should we accept the idea of dating men who are openly bisexual?

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