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Today’s “Eating Well With Chef Cordell’s Food Tip of the Day” is FOR MY BROTHERS (and ladies) – WATERMELONS contain Citrulline (mostly in the white part of the rind, but also in the red flesh), which helps relax the blood vessels, causing better blood flow to organs, helping “straighten” things out. Even though it’s not organ specific, it’s worth taking a “hard” look at….cheaper than having to go “See Alice”.

Meet Chef Cordell:  Passion is defined as a “strong emotion, such as love” and is accurately known as boundless enthusiasm.  To have a passion is to have a purpose, and every Chef has their own; however, Chef Cordell McGary has brought a humanitarian love to providing outstanding, healthy cuisine that supersedes just “cooking.”  Eating Well With Chef Cordell Inc. (EWCC) was created out of an array of inherent talents and cultivated skills that has turned into the high quality, healthy food and dining experience that clients partake of today.

EWCC is a food service company that focuses on providing services to clients that include; personal chef, intimate dinners/private parties, cooking classes, public cooking demonstrating and speak.

For more information about Chef Cordell visit