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Eva Hartman of Florida caught the father of her child in bed with another woman and made sure both he and his mistress felt her pain.


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And we mean literally feel her pain.

The Daily Mail reports that Hartman, 34, allegedly yelled “You and I just had sex last night” before tasing the father of her child, Alvin Hennis, with her key-chain stun gun as he lay butt naked in bed. Hartman chased his lover, Cordelia Rose, outside of the house.

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Rose was getting into her car before Hartman caught up with her and tased her in the neck.

Neither Rose no Hennis were seriously injured as the strength of the stun gun was reportedly too weak to cause major damage.

Hartman was arrested and charged with battery. It is not known what kind of gun Hartman used. She did not have a permit for it, however. During Hartman’s hearing, Hennis took the blame for the entire situation.

“It was pretty much my fault,’ Mr Hennis told Broward Court Judge John Hurley at Hartman’s hearing.

“We were supposed to do something together that morning, and I forgot. I went to my house, and things happened.”


Hennis pleaded with Judge Hurley to go easy on the mother of his child, saying that she is a great mom.

‘She is a beautiful mother, a hard worker and very responsible. I think she got emotional by what she saw,’ Mr Hennis told Judge Hurley.

‘I could imagine things could get very emotional,’ Judge Hurley answered.

‘Oh, things got very emotional,’ Mr Hennis said. ‘Very emotional.’

He apologized for his actions, adding that he forgot to lock the door to the master bedroom.

‘That probably was your first mistake,’ Judge Hurley said.

Tell us about it! Hartman was free on $2,500 bond and ordered to stay away from Rose.

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