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“L.A. Hair” stylist Angela Christine has mastered weaves, coloring and hair care treatments that will leave you with fabulous tresses! The young professional, specializes in making others beautiful and dedicated one day out to the week to give HelloBeautiful readers, hair tips that she shares with her elite clients!

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Read this week’s hair tips on how to thicken your hair:

How can you thicken your tresses?

Increasing your circulation through cardio and exercise is one of the best ways to thicken your hair. Also oils like Rosemary and emu Oil are great for keeping the scalp healthy which prevents thinning and baldness. Lastly, vitamins like B- complex are great as well.

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2 products you recommend for thinning hair:

Nioxin is one of the industry leaders for combating thinning hair. Although it can be a bit pricy, using the whole system gives great results. Nu Hair serum is also another product that is great for thinning hair.

How does a weave contribute to thinning hair?

Weaves can be attributed to thinning hair when the stylist improperly installs the braids and extensions. Braids that are too tight will cause traction alopecia. Also sewing the hair too tight near the hairline adds tension which makes the hair snap. In some cases, Clients also try to wear their weaves waaaaaaayyyy longer than the average 3 month mark which makes the removal process and ungodly experience causing hair to break and matte. Education on extensions is the best way to end the stigma on weaves thinning out the hair.

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