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A man can be your best friend, lover, protector and confidant. On the flip side, a man can make you cry, break you down and make you feel lost in a room full of directional signs (only visible to those not blinded by love). It can happen to any woman, whether she is beautiful, dangerously curvy, rich, poor, pink, purple or brown.

The embarrassment and self-loathe one feels when they’ve found out they’re lover has cheated or the happy moments that don’t make sense anymore is enough to drive anyone insane.

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Reality TV has become a mirror to these emotions. So often you think you’re in it alone, then you turn on the tube to find out that another female is going through the same thing.

One moment he’s the reason you smile and the next second…the reason you want to find shelter under the smallest rock.

With the premiere of “Love & Hip Hop” Atlanta, we take a trip down memory lane at 5 really tear-evoking “Men ain’t s**t” moments, starting off with Mimi’s love– Stevie J (12:00).

Stevie J/ Joseline/ Mimi

What hurts the most about this clip, is– as this season airs, Mimi is somewhere watching it. She’s watching the man she continues to give her “all,” stare into another woman’s eyes (one who doesn’t speak English that well) and marvel her goodies. It’s sad because Stevie knows very well that his wife will see this and DOES NOT CARE!

Emily B/ Fabolous/ Kimbella

As Emily B celebrated her separation from rapper and baby father Fabolous, Emily B–Juelz Santana’s baby mother–cut the festivities short when she announced that she and Fab had sex three years ago! To make matters worse, Em–at the time– was pregnant with his son:

Fab has redeemed himself since this episode aired. He and Emily are living happy lives together!

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Evelyn Lozada/ Kenny Anderson/ Tami Roman

When Tami Roman found out that her ex-husband Kenny Anderson dated “Basketball Wives” cast-mate Evelyn Lozada while they were married, she admitted that she felt “stupid.” To add insult to injury, Evelyn labeled Tami “a non-motherf**king factor,” then branded it on a t-shirt line! They have rekindled their friendship.

Evelyn Lozada/ Ochocinco

We mentioned that Evelyn Lozada was partially the reason behind one woman’s heartache, but we also mentioned that heartache doesn’t discriminate. Lozada faced deceit herself, when she drove by a restaurant and found her fiancee–Chad Ochocinco–dining with another woman! Chad denied that he and the women were messing around, but when Evelyn stated that she rather know about his infidelities rather than be in the dark, women everywhere clutched their pearls. It’s one thing to be cheated on but another to accept it just so ya’ll can be together. Athlete, musician or producer…cheating is not OK!

Royce Reed/ Dezmon Briscoe

Royce Reed had finally introduced her boyfriend Dezmon Briscoe to her father. It was a romantic episode of “BBW.” They dined on a rooftop with the city as their background. Camera’s caught the beginning of what was surely a pleasurable night. The next day, Dezmon’s baby mother dropped an anvil on Royce’s glowing heart when she revealed that while Dezmon was pretending to be in love with Royce and discussing marriage, he was secretly still pursing her. The fiasco played out on Twitter and Royce was left to pick up the pieces to another failed relationship. Dezmon later admitted to his wrong-doings. He and Royce are not together!

Raise your glasses, ladies. We toast to no more broken hearts!

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