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When love goes wrong, we’ve got the professionals who can make everything go right.

Two couples that we once placed on a pedestal of Black love. We watched them make magic and we also watched what we once deemed love fall apart surprisingly, drastically and at times dangerously. All in the name of love? Or was it simply love addictions gone wrong?

Celebrities aren’t the only people dealing with it. It’s all across the world, its in your back yard and maybe right in your own home or family.

Sex. Drugs. Alcohol. Love. Addiction. It’s the moment when you walk away and walk right back because you can’t live without that person. Or it’s the moment when you plead with someone you love to walk away from the person that’s done more than enough damage to their lives.

It’s trying to intervene before it’s too late. That’s what TV One wants to help with. Our new real-life documentary series, Love Addiction (premieres April 25 at 8pm ET), attempts to save women and men from their destructive relationships through an intervention by the people who truly love them the most.

So whether you’ve been in or are in an abusive relationship, or have watched someone you love deal with it everyday, this is the show you can’t afford to miss. This spring, follow the lives of lovers who must make the ultimate decision, will they stay or leave? Don’t miss an all-new series Love Addiction coming to TV One.


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