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Did anyone else notice that part two of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion special was extra dry until the last five minutes? It began with Peter, Cynthia’s husband, joining the girls on the couch and discussing his fight with Mallory. Viewers wrote in and commented that Cynthia was wrong for not protecting her sister (which I have to 100% agree with) and choosing Peter’s side over hers. Cynthia tried to dismiss those comments, and stated, “No one can predict what’s going to happen between me and Peter”

Then it was time for the next “‘house husbands”, Kroy and Apollo to join the girls on the couch and talk about their relationships with their ladies. Kroy explained that he didn’t know anything about Kim prior to meeting her (I guess that could be considered a blessing) and Kim touched on her new spin-off show, “Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding”. Viewers then questioned Apollo’s employment (or lack there of) and Phaedra assured everyone that her husband does have a job and he is in the asset recovery business (whatever that means).

Of course, the discussion about the black baby comment arises again and Sheree says that Kandi did agree with Cynthia’s statement implying that Kim wouldn’t be at a black children’s orphanage in Africa. Phaedra jumped in the mix and noted that Sheree had plenty of chances to express her opinion while the girls were in Africa, but she didn’t and therefore is just stirring the pot now for no reason. (Agreed!)

And then it was time for the best five minutes of the reunion special. Enter Miss Marlo Hampton, the honorary Atlanta Housewife. Marlo wasted no time in making her presence known. She immediately went and threw THEE utmost shade toward Kim, telling her that they weren’t cut from the same cloth and calling her a “whore” for breaking up a happy home (Big Poppa) and for having a baby with Kroy with whom she just met. She also attacked Kroy, calling him broke and saying that he couldn’t afford her engagement ring so Kim bought it herself with Big Poppa’s money. Kim fired back calling Marlo an escort and telling her to f*** off.

Marlo  came in and brought the heat! Shots fired, POW POW POW!

I think it’s time to go ahead and cast Marlo as the seventh Atlanta housewife.

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