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Whether it’s the slick guy at the bar who rolls his dress shirt sleeves up and approaches you with a glass of red wine or the drunk guy that keeps hollering at you as you walk down the street, there are a few things that anyone can say to a girl that will automatically get them a cold shoulder (or maybe even a cold drink to the face).

1. Call me any name my parents did not give me: No matter how many times you yell it, I will not respond to “Psst,” “Shortay,” “Yo” “Ma,” and the like. I have a name and approaching me that way will ensure you never know what it is.

2. Refer to me by using a body part, complexion or hair texture: Men, if you call out a part of my body to identify me (i.e. “shorty with the fat butt,” “the short one” or “girl with the ‘fro”), it will just make me walk away faster. Sure I can put two and two together and figure out you’re talking to me. But guess what? I’m still not interested.

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