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Relationships need maintenance from time to time to keep them in perfect condition. Unlike homes, though, there are some things which are irreparable. According to men over at GuySpeak.com, these are the things you really shouldn’t even try to repair. Meddling can lead to problems of often deal-breaking proportions.


We all have them. The real problem with secrets is they eventually come out, at least partially. A careless word, a gesture, even a nightmare and you suddenly have a clue that there is something he has never told you. That is an intolerable state of affairs. You, being human, dig. After all, talking things out is what separates us from rats. Some petty, some silly, some truly shameful stuff can come out, but usually something he simply wants to forget ever happened. Congrats—you just broke a perfectly adequate man by trying to fix a bit of him that didn’t need fixing.


Yes, technically trust issues can be fixed. Never as solidly as it was before though—it is like using epoxy to repair a broken china plate. The break line always shows. That brings us down to the real problem with fixing trust. Whether or not it should even be attempted. Fool me once, shame on you; Fool me twice, shame on me is a pretty fair guideline to use. Without trust, there is no such thing as love.


Unless you get incredibly lucky, your partner is part of a package deal. Sure, you get him, with his charming quirks, but you also get his family, in all of their annoying, interfering, in-joking, sh*tstirring glory. When they bother you, and they most definitely will, you tell him to sort it out. Not you. They are his family, not yours, meaning it is his job to keep the peace between you and them, just as it is your job to keep the peace between him and your family. Crossing the line invariably leads to problems, so don’t. Grit your teeth and smile, while counting to ten in Sanskrit. READ THE REST HERE!

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5 Elements Of A Relationship That Can’t Be Fixed  was originally published on hellobeautiful.com