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By Douglas Wilson

Last night, the President of the United States gave one of the most patriotic speeches of his presidency. He constantly reminded the country on who we are not who we were. The President challenged us and himself to take a poignant lesson from our parents and grandparents, the greatest generation this country has every seen. That generation did not allow their political and ideological differences gridlock the country.

Two paths for this great nation have been laid out in this 236th Presidential election. The left believes in the American Dream and that all if they work hard, should be given a chance to become successful. They believe that the ones whom have reached the pinnacle of American success should reach back and contribute to the growth of the country whom placed them there. The right believes in the American Dream and that the ones whom have reached the pinnacle of the American success should be rewarded by paying less taxes.Read more…

Douglas Wilson worked on the 2008 presidential election and worked for the Mayor Anthony Foxx’s 2011 re-election.

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