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The biggest buzz in the NFL this week isn’t who’s going to draft Andrew Luck, it’s fashion. Yep, fashion. Nike unveiled new team uniforms in a fashion show featuring one player from each team on Tuesday. Nike took over for Reebok as the new outfitter for the NFL.  The Panthers uniforms also pay tribute to former player Sam Mills. The linebacker and assistant coach died of cancer in 2005, but was an inspiration to the team and fans during his eight years with the team. The words “Keep Pounding” are sewn into the collar of every jersey to honor Mills.

In January, the Panthers announced it would change its logo for the first time in the team history. The primary tweaks are  in the features in the eye and mouth and logo font. The logotype has been refined to be a modern reflection of the Panthers brand. The new font subtly nods to the swipe of a panther, through a three stripe element incorporated into the “A” of “PANTHERS.” The angle and graphic accents in the letters were custom created and inspired by the swift, sleek nature of a panther.

 “We have one of the finest and most recognizable logos in the NFL and wanted to make it as modern as possible without losing the dramatic essence of the mark,” said Carolina Panthers President Danny Morrison in a release.

For fans anxious to buy the new uniforms, they go on sale the weekend of the 2012 NFL Draft from April 26-28. The uniforms are available for pre-order beginning April 15.