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Dawn Richard, also known as NEON, has left group work to pursue a her solo career.  In the last few weeks Richard has released three singles – “Change,” “Fly,” and “Black Lipstick.”

The tracks remind me of the “Last Train to Paris” sound, meaning they are pop/rock-tinged.  They may actually be a little much for true R&B lovers, but with so many R&B stars leaving the soulful sound to do pop … it may just work out for her.

Out of the three songs, I like “Change” the best.  It’s a love song at it’s core … and I am a hopeless romantic.

Original choreography for “Change.”

Check out the lyrics to “Change” and listen to the tracks below.  What do you think? Will the former Danity Kane member make it on her own?

I don`t know if he knows he is a diamond in a rough

Cause he used to shown him and that is not enough

Need to start showing him veery day

If he was Religion, I would be the faith.


They change, they change still same x 2

I still love you like angels do!


They change, they change still same x 2

I still love you

Like I`m suppose to!

Oh God I pray this that he won’t be feeling

I won’t see daylight if he ain’t mine

I won’t let you go tonight

Do you see love in my eye?

Boy you know I really try

I ain’t letting you go!

I won`t let you walk out that door

Know I need to handle

Things that are really usefull.

Are we gonna be?




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