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Precious director Lee Daniels is working on a new film called The Paperboy, where Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron star. Daniels was caught on the set having a heated argument with one of the film’s producers, Avi Lerner. The pair seemed to be arguing about the movie going over its tight $15 million dollar budget. During the confrontation, Lerner can be heard screaming, “You call him a racist. You know you’re racist too. You always pay attention to that.”

Avi Lerner threatened to fire Daniels in the midst of the bout also. Although some of the audio is hard to hear, you can hear Lerner saying to Daniels, “I don’ want you to leave, but if you don’t apologize to me and you know you should ….”

When asked about the disagreement, reps for the two made sure to point out the pair made up a few minutes later. Take a look at the footage below and give us your assessment of the situation.



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