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After a successful turnout during July 4th, Men Who Care Global will return to the streets of Uptown Charlotte on Saturday, New Years Eve.

“We had a great turn out of men on July 4th,” said Ron Leeper, one of the co-founders of Men Who Care Global (MWCG). “Everyone went home safe. That continues to be our goal.”

While Men Who Care Global will be out to keep an eye on young people, the group emphasizes that it’s parent’s responsibility to make sure kids ages 16 and young observe the curfew.

“Men Who Care will be engaging our young people, letting them know we care and modeling the kind of behavior we want them to exhibit”, continues Leeper. “We want to thank all of our partners, particularly Chief Monroe and Center City Partners. We can make Charlotte a safe and special place for all of our children.”

On July 4, more than 200 men volunteered and primarily patrolled uptown streets wearing brightly colored t-shirts and talked with youth and each other. For NYE, the organizations will have tables, tents set up at specified areas throughout the Uptown area. They will hand out information about mentoring, job training, GED’s as well as give-aways to engage the young men and women.

MWCG held a Leadership Symposium for youth on August 6 of this year to follow up with the young men with whom they engages on July 4. They organizations said education, jobs and mentoring continue to be some of the most critical needs of this group of young people in our community.

Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Ron Leeper at Men Who Care Global. ronl@leeperconstruction.com or 704-334-3223.