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By Douglas Wilson

Despite popular opinion, President Obama is still the change we can believe in. This notion that this human being (yes that’s right he is human) could change the worst economic crisis this country has seen in over 70 years in 3 years is simply and unequivocally absurd. We must remember, we must not be fooled, and we must not be bamboozled. We lost over 10 million jobs when the market crashed. We were able to gain between 2 and 4 million back in the last 3 years. We still have a long way to go.

All the Republican Candidates tell you that Obama is the worst thing since God knows what. I can tell you that you can bring back: Lincoln, FDR, Kennedy, Reagan, and Clinton sit them in a room and I guarantee you that they would not solve this crisis in 3 years. Even the great Ronald Reagan didn’t solve the economic downturn in three years. It took almost the entire decade of the 80′s for the economy to fully turn around. It took 16 years for the country to fully get out of the depression. If you look closely at Obama’s economic policies, you know the ones that Republicans like to say is pure hell on earth; is a combination of Republican and Democrat economic policies. Again there was no way any President could have turned this around in 3 years and history shows that.

President Obama is still the change we voted for. He is the right leader for this appointed time. Again we have to remember the deficit was there before Obama, it went up under him because guess what? We were in a recession!!! and the government had to save the country. Poverty was there before Obama, it went up because companies refuse to hire. Why do they refuse to hire? It has nothing to do with this yahoo notion you hear about “uncertainty. It is because they are making more with less. If you were able to make $70,000 a year and only work 4 hours a week, would you want to work more days? I believe not.

You also hear this “goldie locks” rosy picture from the GOP Presidential Candidates how if they were President, they would have the leadership skills to just snap Washington in shape and the Congress will go along with them. Hello???? this Congress has stated they do not and will not work with Obama because they don’t want to give him a win. If you don’t believe me you can go to every cable news network’s website and look it up. So this notion that Obama can’t get anything done because he sucks as a leader is bull. If you are the quarter back of a football team and your offensive line refuses to block for you just because they don’t like you, do you really think you will be a good quarter back? No you will be sacked and on your back on every play.

In conclusion Obama is the same man we voted for. We must realize what we are in. This recession just started in 2008 not 1998. Let’s stay focused and work together to get out of this mess.

If you still don’t believe that Obama didn’t do anything in his three years, look at the list of news reports below.

Douglas Wilson is a local blogger and recently worked with mayor Anthony Foxx’s re-election campaign. Read more of his works on his website Politics is Power.

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