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In Wale’s new clip for “Diary,” the rapper is nothing but a gentleman.

Rik Cordero, who helmed the shoot, told MTV News,

“What he wanted to do was kind of show that we, as men, when we approach a girl, we don’t always know exactly what her past was. Whether she was angry or felt a sort of way because another dude made a mistake that we have to pay for, that was the message Wale wanted to get across in this video.”

In the opening scene of “Diary,” Wale is shown passing out flyers for an event to a woman he is interested in. She quickly rebuffs him. Through a series of flashbacks, though, viewers see what happened to the female protagonist leading up to that brief encounter. She had discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her, leading her down a path of pain and confusion.

LYRICS: Black woman / You cold / Every problem you ever had with another man I gotta face / Started off on thin ice / I’m still here but I can’t skate…Queen / you deserve the title / but she reject what I give / while she nurse the wounds by them / tried them, didn’t work / got impossible standards / nothin’ I do’s gonna work / diary of a black girl

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