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One of our new guilty pleasures is reality show “Basketball Wives.”  Evelyn and Jennifer recently sat down with necolebitchie.com to dish the dirt on their baller husband/boyfriends and why they stay with men who cheat.Here’s an excerpt:

Necole Bitchie: Evelyn how did you first meet Antoine?

Evelyn: I met Antoine in 1999 in New York. May 3rd 1999 to be exact. We were at a party at club Envy which was the happening spot back then.

Necole Bitchie: How did you guys start evolving into a couple?

Evelyn: It was crazy because I was actually there with an ex friend of mine and he was dancing on the dance floor with this other girl. He saw me going to the restroom and he started talking to me. I remember thinking “this dude is tall as hell ” because he’s almost 6′10. We exchanged numbers and the next day he called me to invite me to a game but I didn’t go. And I’ll never forget this but two weeks later he called me at 3 in the morning and I just happened to pick up. We stayed on the phone for three hours. After that we spent the entire summer together and we were everywhere together. I remember I went to work and said “wow this is a nice guy” and then we ended up going to Cancun together and after that we were inseparable.

Necole Bitchie: You mentioned you were working at the time, what were you doing [work-wise] back then?

Evelyn: I was working for an entertainment attorney. It was hard holding a job with the traveling back and forth and stuff like that. I remember me and Jennifer would always be on the phone at work. I was dating Toine and she was dating Eric and I’d be in my office on my computer and we’d talk about stuff all the time. I worked the first couple of years and then eventually I had to make a decision.

Sunni (NecoleBitchie.com) So eventually both of you girls left your jobs to focus on the relationship?

Evelyn: Yes, For me it was difficult and kind of scary a little bit at first but I had my daughter so I felt it was the opportunity to take and pick her up from school. I was happy about that. He didn’t want me to work so you know..

Jennifer: I’m not going to lie, I enjoyed those couple of years I didn’t work..


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