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It’s been 14 years since we had Brandy and Monica on a track together.  A few weeks ago the two debuted their newest collaboration, “It Belongs To Me.”

The song has been compared to Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” because the women make it clear that everything they gifted their no good man during their relationship is not really his – it belongs to me (Brandy and Monica).

I have to admit when the song first debuted I wasn’t feeling it. But after a few listens I like it.

The verdict is still out on whether or not I agree with the message. I mean, you gifted those things to him.  Gifts shouldn’t have to be returned, but I do understand when in a relationship someone makes you mad and you start taking back things (cutting off phones, cancelling bank cards …) #ijs. But really, is that what we should do? Should we take back his gifts? If the shoe was on the other foot we would definitely NOT be willing to give anything back (and many times he never asks). So ladies, what’s the verdict? Does it really belong to us?