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If you watch “Basketball Wives LA”  you know and understand that reality star Jackie Christie can be a bit aggressive. She has been labeled a devil, liar and lastly- straight crazy!

It could be the way VH1 producers cut and edit certain episodes or it could simply be that she is exactly what people call her.

I spoke with Jackie and though she appears to be conniving and so self-centered that she has to get married every year to husband Doug Christie, she is just the same as the rest of the Basketball Wives– a character trapped in “reality TV land.” It is there, where not-basketball wives criticize groupies and pit each other again one another until one lucky lady becomes an outcast on which the rest of the tribe will prey for amusement.

We’ve seen it with Draya, then Laura and now Jackie (so excuse me if I sound biased!).

Jackie says the show is real and so are the situations that occur every Monday, but what is as fake as Gloria Govan’s “tough-guy” act is what happened in Hawaii!

“As for what the girls are doing in Hawaii, that wasn’t real. They really weren’t being upfront or honest about what they were doing and saying. I think the girls know what they’ve done and that all the dishonestly will come back and bite them and I explained over and over again it doesn’t matter what you do and say on TV, you have to address it.”

As for the other ladies being jealous that she and Malaysia being the only married women on the show:

“I would hate to use the word jealous,but I don’t know what else it could be. I think I’m strong willed and determined, I have a path in life and you know maybe that’s what it is. Maybe they’re all still figuring it out. And they’re like who are you to tell me…

Starting out they sung my praises, once it started going and things started coming out, colors started being shown. I can be your best friend or your worst enemy, and I said that. “Don’t cross me!” I don’t know if its jealousy, I hope not.”

Jackie anticipates the reunion, which has already been taped. According to her:

“There will be some explosive information shared at the reunion, VERY BIG. It’s going to be very interesting. I think a lot of people will be shocked. I think a lot of people who swayed one way will probably take a second look at the way they feel or are thinking. I think it’s going to say a whole lot about who we are as people.

There is a lot of “he say, she say” going on, but who is actually lying in the “Imani, Laura” situation?

“I really don’t want to knock the other cast members. People are always trying to make each other people look bad and that’s not what I’m here to do. I will just say I am being honest, I was very honest on the show. I don’t have any motives or any reason to make these girls go against each other. My truth is what was said, was said to me! Like I told Laura ‘you said all these things about me that Im overweight but second of all you said my hair was ugly’ and I though we were friends. What I told those girls in Hawaii Is what I said In Their face. They know their truths and on the reunion it is going to be really really surprising”

Why were you all so mean to Draya?

“When I met Draya I adored her, I took her out for Ice Cream. I told her right off the bat that you seem to be combative. I took her under my wing off the bat, I didn’t judge her. When I found out about her and whatever happened with her son it was from one of the other cast members at the pamper party. I tried to tell the girls we’re all here lets all talk about it. I’ve always liked Draya.”

She didn’t look combative to us, what were we all missing?

“I said to them ‘you guys are sitting her being liars, ya’ll are being mean and cruel. We’re here to have fun I was like let’s go.'”

Gloria recently broke up with Matt Barnes, what is your insight on their relationship?

“I think, even on the show it shows that we are good friends. We went out and Matt shared a lot of stuff, Gloria was even touched as well. I’ve known him for about seven years. They are really respectful of one another. I was really shocked with that whole thing. I honestly don’t believe this break-up is permanent. What I think may be wrong is that sometimes you lose that communication and there isn’t that much intimacy where you sit down and really open up to your mate. I would love to advise them on that. Gloria seems like she has everything under control.”

They tried to vote you off on the last episode, were they successful?

“They were like you have to leave the island. I said ‘How can you vote the island off the island. I am the island. You guys dont have any pull. I am the island you guys are playing in my territory.’

There’s a couple of followers in the group, they’re scared to stand up and say ‘I don’t want to do this this isn’t right.’ It’s one of those type of mentalities of the group. It don’t matter if it’s 20 of them I’m going to take you down because you’re wrong.”

On Malaysia:

“I tell Malaysia ‘you’re the last person I want to have beef with. You’ve called me a million of times, you told me you don’t trust any of them’ so for you to sit there now like you are apart of this group all happy–you were the first one to get in a fight with all of them. You need to sit down and fall back!


“I fell like all of them are cooky.'”

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