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“Braxton Family Values” is the number one rated reality show to hit WeTV ever! After a successful season one, our favorite sisters; Trina, Towanda, Traci, Toni, Tamar and Mama Ev are back for round two of love, laughs, family and sisterhood.

With the new season premiering tonight on WeTV, I had to catch up with our girl, Trina Braxton, and chat about what to expect this season. Take a look at my exclusive interview where we talk about her drinking “situation”, direction her marriage is going in, status on Tamar’s husband and being compared to the Kardashians.

HelloBeautiful: What can we expect to see this season?

Trina Braxton: This season is crazy! It’s like season one amped up on super steroids! You get a glimpse of everybody’s life on this season. You’ll get to understand why I started drinking and why I gained so much weight. You’ll get to see my marriage issues play out. It’s basically an extension of season one.

HB: Since you brought up your drinking “situation”, why did u start drinking so much in the first place?

Trina Braxton: Well it was mainly because of what was going on in my relationship with Gabe. On this season, you’ll get to see where Gabe and I are going in our relationship.

HB: Whats going on with the Braxton family album?

Trina Braxton: You know, we’re still trying to figure that out. We’re actually still in the process of filming season two so we’re still trying to figure everything out!

HB: So, how does that work: filming a season as it’s already premiering on the network?

Trina Braxton: You’re getting everything as it’s really unfolding. It’s unscripted reality- and not that there is anything wrong with scripted reality. We’re going to keep it raw and true to the minute. You won’t see us fighting or anything.

HB: We saw the sneak peak of Tamar getting put in her place by Mama Ev! Is this something that happens regularly whenever your baby sister gets out of line?

Trina Braxton: The crazy thing is that we haven’t seen that episode yet so we’re watching it at the same time you all are! I will say that Mama does NOT play and if she feels like anybody disrespects her whether it be me, Tamar, Towanda, Traci or Toni or whoever, she’ll let them know!

HB: I know that you are super close with all of your sisters, but is there one sister that you would consider your best friend over the rest?

Trina Braxton: Like you said, we’re all each others best friends. We’re all extremely close but we do go through seasons and situations in our lives that bring us closer together. Like right now, Towanda and her children were staying with me for a while as you saw on the show so I would say that we’ve gotten extremely close over the past months.

HB: How does the Braxton family maintain such a positive reputation in the media?

Trina Braxton: Now, we are girls first and we are sisters so of course we argue and fuss and we know how to push each other’s buttons. But we also know how to build each other up. That comes with true sisterhood. We know how to make each other go “rawr rawr like a dungeon dragon” but we know what it takes to make each other happy and make each other smile.

HB: How do you respond to people who compare you to the Kardashian clan?

Trina Braxton: The thing is, you can’t look at them without looking at us too. There are a lot of similarities. We’re a family of girls, we have the same initials, we come from strict Christian backgrounds. Our show is about family and togetherness-and this is not to bash the Kardashian family in anyway- but our show isn’t about creating a brand, it’s about focusing on family and what happens in the day to day lives between sisters. Toni has always been a star, but you have never seen this side of her. You never saw what she was going through when she filed for bankruptcy , you never knew she was sick. There is a realness to this show that you can identify with and I think that everyone that watches has a sister that they can identify with.

HB: Are you working on any solo projects?

Trina Braxton: I am in the band. This season the band is doing some extra things and I am so excited because I am branching out and doing my own band. We have some tricks up our sleeves! I can’t give them all away but you’ll definitely see them play out on this season! Keep up with me on twitter, @TrinaBraxton! I love all my boom booms – I call all my Twitter followers my boom booms. And I’m a follower backer! If you ask me to follow you I will!

And now the questions we always ask….

Whats in your bag?

Tube of lip gloss, my cell phone, a book (I’m actually reading Pride and Prejudice right now), sunglasses and my iPod.

If you were forced to get a tattoo, what would it be of and why?

I have two tattoos right now: one say “Trina Bean” because I used to be very thin. I also have a tattoo of stars going down my neck with a treble clef underneath. So if I was forced to get something it would probably be a “thespian” sign with a musical note.

Whats your vice and where do u go to get it?

A glass of wine. I’m a true Merlot girl!

Whats one urge you get but never act on it?

I want to go wind surfing but I’m a scardey cat! It’s just so high up!

When was the last time you cried?

About 3 days ago. I cried with Tamar over my brother-in-law going to the hospital. He’s doing well. He’s taking it day by day. We’re very prayerful and faithful.

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Season 2 premieres Thursday, November 10 at 9pm ET/PT.

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