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T.O is trying his hand at acting and Mo sets him up for an audition for a play entitled “Loving Him Is Killing Me” which stars Tyson Beckford, Christopher Williams and Angie Stone. Although the audition is based off of improv, the role T.O is auditioning for requires that the men have a nice body and the overall package (take that how you want to.. lol).

T.O wasn’t convinced that he could pull it off and confides in Mo that he’s just grateful that he’s in shape at the moment to be able to do it. Mo tells T.O to stop crying and that he “acts like a fat girl on her period” HILARIOUS.

Tyson Beckford asks what T.O’s nickname will be during the duration of the play and T.O tells the cast that his grandmother used to call him Milk Dud- which is so very fitting and is what I will be referring to T.O as for the remainder of this season.

Tyson Beckford then asks the million dollar question: Why hasn’t Milk Dud and Kita ever fooled around? Milk Dud answers saying that it’s because she has a boyfriend… yes you heard right… a BOYFRIEND.

It looks like Kita has finally been able to forgive Joe and give him back the boyfriend title. She flew all the way to LA to spend the day with him and the two hit the batting cages (but not before Kita protects her expensive hair with paper towels).

Milk Dud is in the process of revamping his salon, T.O Cutz. The relaunch is one day away and the shop still looks terrible and Mo and Kita so conveniently forgot to invite any guests to the event. Somehow everything comes together (as it always does on television) and the event is a success. Milk Dud even did a little hair cutting of his own on his close friend (now why anyone would let a bald man cut their hair beats me…).

Milk Dud’s acting career seems to really have taken off, at least that’s how it appeared in this week’s episode. Hey, if all else fails, he has plenty of things to fall back on: reality television, T.O Cutz, you know.. the whole package (take that how you want.. lol)

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