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Comedian Hannibal has a knack for making the mundane funny. It’s this ability that landed him a brief writing gig for “SNL” and could help him with the pilot he’s co-writing with Jonah Hill. The young comedian performs at 8 p.m. at the Comedy Zone on Wednesday.

On Twitter, Hannibal describes his new pilot as half “Breaking Bad” and half “Storage Wars.” Although Hannibal only wrote for “SNL” briefly, he said the experience helped him focus his stand-up routines.

“Working on a show like that, it’s a high profile show,” he said. It’s a very different form of stand-up.”

He has a dry delivery of his observations on life, but strung together those observerations make great punchlines. His comedy has landed him on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Lopez Tonight, the Late Show with David Letterman and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Find his clips on YouTube, but warning some contain inappropriate language.