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Is it just me, or is this season of “Basketball Wives LA” turning into the “Draya Show”? Last night’s episode was centered around none other than Draya as the other wives decided to meet up YET AGAIN to discuss their feelings about their fellow cast member. During their meeting, Jackie makes it clear that she is not trying to “endorse” Draya (I’m not exactly sure what she means by endorse..) but she simply wants to help her. Gloria, on the other hand, who was once all about Draya, has definitely turned her back on her. “Jackie seems to be way more forgiving of Draya’s situation than any of us,” Gloria said, “I don’t care, that girl can get hit by a bus and then keep it movin’.”
Can someone please remind me why Draya needs forgiveness from them again?
Imani and Malaysia also meet up for lunch where they talk about who else but Draya. Imani brings up how it looked as if Malaysia had Draya’s back during their “confrontation” on last week’s episode and how the two seem to be very close. Malaysia shuts that assumption down very quickly saying, “If I’m crying, I would want someone console me…but I don’t know her, I don’t want to get to know her…She came out the gate talking s— about me..” SMH.. I’m so confused! 

Moving on from this Draya situation (only momentarily), the girls are still focused on getting Imani a new man and they each bring in a guy for Imani to meet. Imani likes Jackie’s guy, Kyle, the best and asks Jackie to give her the details on this new man. Somehow the conversation switches BACK to Draya (why am I not surprised) and we learn that Jackie has somehow changed her mind about wanting to help her to “I really wanted to spank her, it’s like you don’t even know us. Yeah, I’m over Draya”.
Guess we’re off Draya again.
Laura threw a charity event for a children’s organization that she is on the board of and Jackie and Draya show up to the event. Surprisingly, the girls get along great, hug awkwardly and say “I love your hair! You look sexy!” They talk about the confrontation briefly and clear the air, for now at least.
Guess we’re back on Draya again…
In other non-Draya related news, Gloria did a sexy photo shoot lingerie where she looked smokin’ hot and Imani and Kyle went out on their first date. Although it seemed like Imani really liked Kyle, I’m not sure if he meets to her standards because he has a roommate and doesn’t make $800,000 a year. Yup, dealbreaker.
What did you think about this weeks episode?

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