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On this week’s episode of “Lala’s Full Court Life”, Miami rapper and La’s Bestie, Trina, is in NYC for a couple days and decides to spend time with her girls, Lala, Po and Dice. Little does Trina know, Lala has other plans for her which includes setting her up on a blind date with boxing coach, Hollywood Hino.
But before cupid can play matchmaker, she has to handle her business which means looking for an apartment in New York. Lala heads over to Tribeca to look at apartments where her neighbors would include high profile celebrities such as Jay Z and Beyonce (enough said, where do I sign up?). If having Bey and Jay as neighbors isn’t enough for you, the floors in this apartment were leather AND the stairs were Italian. But after thinking it over, Lala decided this wasn’t the most practical place for her and her family, so she gave that beautiful Tribeca apartment the deuces and walked out.

Now its date time for Hollywood Hino and the “baddest b*tch”. Trina heads over to the resturant to meet her mystery man with Lala, Po AND Dice close behind to rescue her just in case things get a little awkward (that’s what I call true friends). Now, as much as I wish this man would use his government name, Hollywood Hino is actually kind of cute and by the look on Trina’s face when he arrived at the restaurant, she definitely agreed.
Trina and Hino seem to be getting along great, and even make plans for a possible second date! Once Lala and her sidekicks see that their matchmaking plan has worked, they decide to leave the two alone, and let nature take it’s course. Wonder if we’ll be reporting on Trina and her new boo sometime soon!
“This was one of your good ideas,” Po told Lala as they left the restaurant. “No one got hurt, tattooed or body casted”. Let the church say, Amen.
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