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This week on “Basketball Wives LA”, Jackie gets married for the 16 (or 19th?) time to her husband Doug Christie. The ladies spend a long time helping Jackie get ready for her big day (again) and of course do a little gossiping along the way. Jackie reveals to everyone that she has invited Draya to her wedding which surprises everyone but Jackie has made it clear that she is going to do what she wants to do on her “special” day.

In other positive news, Malaysia and Imani attempted to bond over a trip to the gelato shop. After a deep conversation about both of their pasts, the girls developed a new respect for each other, despite their initial judgment of one another.

Malaysia, continuing on her positivity streak, then goes and visits Draya while she was at “work” doing a sexy photo shoot for a magazine cover. Malaysia was weary of Draya after the club incident where Draya got a little blunt with her. “All I remember is her asking to see my woo-hoo, and I don’t know her yet” Malaysia stated about the incident.

But after watching Draya model, Malaysia gained a new respect for her as well and revealed to the world that she too used to be in videos and the girls FINALLY are able to bond over their love for booty shaking.

Unfortunately, their happy moment was short lived as Malaysia dished on Jackie questioning whether or not to invite Draya to her upteenth wedding. Draya, taking offense to being talked about by the other girls, decided not to attend the wedding but instead went and got a bikini wax with some of her other “real” girlfriends.

Jackie and Doug went on with the wedding with no Draya in sight. “Is she at a club, is she somewhere strippin’, is she in a bed somewhere and had too many to drink with five guys with her? Where the hell is this girl at that she would miss something so special?” Jackie asks after realizing that Draya was a no show. I’m nervous to find out what Jackie will say to Draya when she confronts her on next weeks episode! Oh the drama continues…

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