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Fabolous and Ray J’s fight is still the talk of the town. After news of the two brawling made headlines, the men have gone back & forth on the radio telling their own sides of the story.

Quick recap: Fab made some jokes about Ray J on Twitter after the HBO special “24/7” (which chronicled the events leading up to the Floyd Mayweather/Victor Ortiz fight) aired and showed Ray questionably singing “One Wish” in Floyd’s living room (without any girls around). Ray J blamed the oddly-filmed incident on HBO’s editing, but was still pretty fired up once he ran into Fab in Vegas. Ray threw the first punch, but it’s been reported that Fab kicked his ass.

Ray J called in to Power 105 to give his side of the story to the Breakfast Club. Here’s an excerpt:

“When you wanna disrespect me and the Money Team and we got 7 Rolls Royce’s outside and we just made 350 on the…don’t disrespect me! I’ma smack you up again fool! N****s saying Ray-J got beat up?! I socked that n**** in the face! If you got Fab number, tell that n**** to send a picture of his face right now. Don’t disrespect me and Floyd like that. I play piano every day, that’s my big brother, we grew up together. So if you think I just came over there and sang, you got me twisted. I’m with the Money Team right now, I swear to God, he runnin’ from me right now. I got 100 fools outside and he never left that club, he was scared up in there, he tried to call the police.”

Power 105: What did he do when you hit him?

“Nothing, he fell back, he’s a sucker! When I seen him, I was with Floyd and 50 and he tried to say ‘Don’t touch me’ and I bust that n****.”

Power 105: Did he hit you at all? We heard he head-butted you.

“Nah, my team don’t play. If you disrespect me, don’t come to the West Coast. Head-butted me?! Come on! You call that fool right now and he’ll tell you what it is because he know my big homies is on his bumper. So, he gon’ apologize on The Breakfast Club, I’m gon’ make sure he call you to the Breakfast Club and apologize for his actions.”

Ray’s side of the story

Fabolous also called in Power 105 to talk to DJ Clue:

“That wasn’t Ray J, you can’t be serious. That wasn’t Willie Norwood, Jr. That wasn’t Brandy’s brother. This is no big thing to me. This is more a war on drugs than a war between Ray and me. This n**** is high and coked up or on pills and this is hilarious to me. I’m laughing at his whole character, there’s nobody that believes Ray J is gangster to that point unless he’s gonna prove it so now he’s gonna have to prove all this funny s*** that he was saying.”

“What really happened is he comes into the dinner, we all laughed about it, he was cool, everything was water under the bridge. [Later I see him] and I give 50 a dap, I’m going to give Floyd a dap and then Ray J chimes in, like ‘My n****, I’m here with the Money Team and we not feeling the jokes! We real n****as, we not b**** a** n*****!’ And he’s touching my shoulder and tapping me on the chest. But there was no fight, there was no swing; that whole story he made up was all lies. That n**** was on that Whitney last night. You can ask the Money Team that was standing there, that he’s probably the water boy for – there was no blows. So I grab him up by his little red hoodie like, ‘Chill, little red riding hood.’ The hoodie’s over his face. I could’ve mopped the floor with his kid if I wanted to. I didn’t swing on him, I wasn’t tryna Ortiz him. I let his hoodie go, push him back. He’s behind his security dude, screaming at the ceiling. Throughout the whole alteracation the only thing that happened was my shades fell off.”

Fabolous’ side of the story

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