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Our generation has picked an interesting time to enter  the wonderful world of dating. You have the seemingly effortless fairy-tale union of Bey & Jay-Z juxtaposed to women up on the Maury show struggling to figure out who impregnated them and when.

I am 100% sure that most of us are leaning towards the fairy-tale than humiliation on public television, but the reality is most of us haven’t given thought to what things we may need to work on in order to get relationship ready.

Cuffing season is in full effect. What is cuffing season? It’s slang for the time of the year when the weather begins to change and pairs start forming.

I don’t intend for this post to come across as a manual or propaganda that makes any single woman feel as though she needs to be hitched in any way. Let’s face it life is not in black and white, it’s in color baby! Some of us have our intentions set on things that are not relationship related in any way. I write this for my single ladies who may be in the dark about why they are not quite at the stage they want to be at yet when it comes to love.

Here are five ways to get prepped for the busy cuffing season:

They Don’t Need to Know: I have closely studied women I know who have made transitions into fiancées, wives or serious girlfriend status and they keep the lid on their relationship details. If you are serious about a relationship then don’t talk about it, be about it! No problem with bouncing a thought or two off a close friend, but broadcasting details of your special union is like cheapening it’s worth…think about it.

It’s Not All About You: Remember the days of coming and going as you please, buying single-sized portions of everything and being impatient? Well I mean you still can still indulge in all that, but you may want to consider including the gentleman who is courting you into the picture?..Just maybe lol

Know Thy Self: This is not the time to lose your individuality and take on the form of what you perceive to be the “ideal woman”. It’s time to celebrate being you, because like attracts like. Knowing your worth is so important when getting relationship ready because you can easily lose it in the process of falling for someone.

Know Thy Weaknesses: If you’re human you are flawed. Working on our weaknesses in personality or in life by turning them into goals, then sharing  these weaknesses with our partners or partner to-be  are a big part of getting relationship ready. Some of us may choose to work on these weaknesses alone or with someone. Being open and honest about what you’re coming to the table with flaws and all, is major in building trust and a bond.

Take Care of Your Body: Don’t get me wrong living a healthy lifestyle should not just be for the purpose of getting ready for a relationship; however it doesn’t hurt to start. By taking care of the most important person in your life*points at self* you are better able to care for those who come into it. Spending mad dollars on a gym membership with a personal trainer is not even necessary. Step up your fruits and veggie game, get outside a little more, and show your body some TLC.

There are so many other things I could have listed but in the end it’s up to you whether you want to be relationship ready or not. It’s not the city you’re in, it’s not the amount of weight you have yet to lose, it’s not the type of job you have ..it’s you! Celebrate what you have, what you’re working with and be open to new and exciting experiences. Happy cuffing season HB Fam!

Do you believe that a person could ever become relationship ready?

Do you believe external factors (geographic location, appearance, and income level) affect a person’s ability to find a mate?

Does the term, “cuffing season” mean anything to you?

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About the Author:

Telisha Ng is the author of the Goddess Intellect blog, & Host of Menage a Talks on blog talk radio. To contact her please email: contact@goddessintellect.com

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