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Tyler Perry, the reigning king of Black Hollywood, has taken his brand of entertainment to unprecedented new heights. After a successful run on television with “Meet The Browns” and “House Of Payne”,  Perry will be launching his own television network. Given the “unique” perspective of his movies and TV shows we gave some current popular programming a TP makeover.

1. “Projects Runway”

You’ve seen the creative high fashion competition of “Project Runway”. Now Tyler Perry brings you fashion from contestants that they created while they were high. Join hosts Quinesha Grooms and Jimmy Gunz on the new series hit ghetto fashion competition “Projects Runway.”

2. “For Colored Girls Gone Wild”

Sad, broken, and down on their luck black women told you their stories, but never like this. Tune in to see some of the black community’s most victimized women not only recite depressing poetry, but do it topless while Drake and Lil Wayne shower them in Rozay!

3.”Jersey Shore: Patterson”

Forget Snookie and the crew, if you want a real “situation” come and hang out with the cast of New Jeruz’s realest reality show. Five up-and-coming local rappers struggle to impress Rah Digga, Joe Budden and Shaquille ‘Oneal in hopes that they’ll  follow them on Twitter.

4.”Game Of Bones”

This ain’t your Daddy’s backyard Barbeque domino tournament. Uh uh. This is where America’s most desperate Black actors slap down big six and build that winning house for a lead role in the new Tyler Perry film “Why Did The Family Prey For a Mad Black Family Reunion’s Little Girl”. This is where it gets real. Hosted by Madea herself, this is Tyler Perry Presents “Game of Bones.”

5.”Real Pastor’s Wives Of Atlanta”

Follow sister Melba Patterson, Dee Dee Simpson, Jameela Barnes, and Coco “suga” Thompson as they navigate the shark like waters of Atlanta church life while balancing home and work lives and being “submissive” to their Pastor husbands. If the Lord is your sheapard, you shall not want to miss a single episode of The Real Pastor’s Wives of Georgia.


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