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It takes a special kind of creativity to develop one of a kind, yet classic pieces. Yet, Linda Minor, owner of the Bead Me by Linda Minor, does just that. Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Minor’s professionalism expands past just her amazing work ethic. A member of the North Carolina Society of Goldsmiths, Minor can accent your fashionable look by designing the perfect earrings, bracelet, or necklace to finish it off. We asked jewlery innovator just what makes her tick.

1. How would you describe your style?

My Style is classic.

2. Who would you say inspires your style?

My mother and father inspired my style. Both my parents were traditional and classic.

3. Who is your favorite designer?

I don’t have one favorite… I have several – Alberto Makali, Misook and Eileen Fisher.

4. What accessory do you have to wear every day?

I have to wear jewelry every day.

5. What’s your fashion pet peeve?

My fashion pet peeve is seeing thongs and panty lines; I hate it!

6. What fashion tips would you like to share with others?

Wear full covering white undergarments under white dresses and slacks.  Do not wear black under white.

7. What’s your favorite color?

My favorite color is coral.

8. If you had to describe your style in terms of music, what artists, genre of music etc would you say best describes your style?

My style is Josh Groban (classic and young)


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