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Brad Stacy of Radio One Indianapolis talks about Michael Jackson’s most unlikely hits.

Now people complain about today’s music saying “People will just say anything now” but maybe they learned from the best…Let’s take a look at some of MJ’s songs that were about some of the strangest or uncommon topics for his time.


I’ll grant you the fact that Michael was a child when he came up with this…but at the end of the day…HE SINGING ABOUT A MOUSE! A not one that he got from a pet store either. He was heartbroken about the loss of his impromptu pet and felt compelled to sing about it….Now be honest…you know good and well that if you told somebody “Im about to write a song about my pet mouse that just died” people would look at you strange and say “Get your weird a$$ out my studio!”

Dirty Diana

Dirty Diana is probably some of y’all absolute favorite song from Michael Jackson…and it’s one of the first Non-Rock songs about Groupie Love if not THE FIRST! Diana is a the girl that you see backstage that you just may catch wiping her mouth off as the door hits her on the but on the way out! Maybe because Mike didn’t use the word “B**ch and H*e is why you either didn’t know or don’t care…..

In The Closet

Now call me crazy but…isn’t this song about a side chick OR possibly about a “Butter-Face)?? Now every man has came across that one chick who had the BOMB!!! But she just wasn’t that cute. You can’t bring that around the homeys..You can’t introduce her to your Mom…But you can tear that up and go to the late show and the dim restaurant though….I’m just saying…Let’s analyze some of the lyrics shall we…

She’s Just A Lover//Who’s Doin’ Me By//It’s Worth The Giving//It’s Worth The Try..

I Swear There’s Something About You Baby That Makes Me Want to give it to you

Just Promise Me Whatever We Say Or Whatever We Do To Each Other For Now We’ll Make A Vow To Just Keep It In The Closet

Well…I think I proved my point…


Now..Most of you may know this…but for the FEW that might not…Beat It is about staying out of the hood or places where it goes down if you soft. Now I don’t know HOW MICHAEL JACKSON singing about it but it’s definitely one of the realest songs ever written. This is the epitome of timeless music..This is a PSA for all you tough guys out there that leave the house like you Super Thug…only to get your head bust by real G’ who don’t play that ISH!