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While trolling the internet I came across a post on one of my favorite blogs in which a reader asked the blogger about the usage of coupons on a date:

In a heart beat. @groupon, @travelzoo & @livingsocial are my friends for real. I’m not cheap but I’m not stupid either. Why should I pay $75 for a meal if I know I can get it for $40? That $35 dollars can go to other things.

I can’t tell you how obsessed I am with bargains and haggling. I haggle when there is no need to haggle, I ask for extras and perks when I’m full and satisfied. Basically I don’t understand the word no, or the phrase girl, know your limits.I blame it on that hustle or be hustled immigrant mentality my parents passed on to me. I recall a tweet I sent out a couple weeks back in which I stated that I dislike going on Tuesday dates. I probably should have been more clear as to why, but hey it’s 140 characters, not much room for elaboration so I shall do it here.

I dislike Tuesday first dates,up here in my corner of the globe the day is synonymous with specials and deals. I feel as though it is corny to suggest going to a two for one buffet or cheap movie night on a first date (not real examples). Keyword FIRST DATE. I suppose this makes me a big ass hypocrite, the fact that I will talk down a shop owner on a $10 item but turn my nose up at the thought of stepping out with a dude on a popular restaurant’s date night (a real example). I suppose if we were to go out without the expectation of using a coupon and a deal happen to be on at that particular time I would have no choice but be cool with it.

In fact those are the best deals, the deals you don’t have to lose your voice over, the extras you receive when since you spend over a certain amount. So be it an issue I need to work through or something I have to live with I strongly believe that on a first date you should put your best foot forward meaning that an element of surprise should be there. I’m not saying don’t pull out those Groupon and Team buy coupons ever, but to depend on them to have a good time on a first date…nope not my style.

We are in a whirlwind economy at the moment and at my age I’m more focused on buying that house with a Cookout-friendly backyard, so deal scouting has become a way of life. I don’t always stick to said budget but that’s a topic for another post

HB family, is it fair to expect a man to ignore his budget for the sake of impressing a woman on the first date?

Are there ways that you have managed to maintain an exciting lifestyle and or love life without forming holes in your pocket?

Do you think a man/woman is cheap or simply just budget conscious if they decided to use a coupon on the first date? Second? Consistently?


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