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Rumors have been circulating that the recently engaged Kim Kardashian was seeing another man during the time she was dating her fiancé, Kris Humphries. The man she was supposedly cheating with, Brett Lockett, is an NFL player and claims the two were texting, talking on the phone, and seeing each other for months. Allegedly, Kim and Brett were introduced by one of Kim’s BFF’s, Lauren London.

Lauren London denies the rumors and claims that she has never met or heard of Brett Lockett before and also stated that her identity was stolen. She took to her Facebook page and Twitter account to explain that these rumors are totally false, and that her page was hacked and that the hacker is actually affecting her business.

In a message she posted on Facebook, she stated: “To my family, friends, supporters and the media. I have an impostor. It is similar to identity theft because he/she constantly pretends to be me. This person disrupts my personal and professional life on an almost daily basis. Words cannot express how troubling this situation is for me and my loved ones. The statements made about me in the Kim Kardashian story are 100% false. Please repost and thank you for your support.”

Well there you have it.

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