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The hit MTV show “When I Was 17” showcases some of today’s most popular artists as they talk about their lives when they were 17 years old. The newest episode of “When I Was 17” that aired this weekend featured the beautiful Selita Ebanks and cutie Chris Brown. Although Selita told some embarrassing stories from her teenage years, the crown for “stories one should take to the grave” goes to Chris Brown.

Chris got a little detailed during his segment when he told a story about one of his first concerts overseas where he had a little “accident”.  He went on tell cameras, “When I was 17, I was going around touring around the world performing, and for the kickoff for one of our tours, I was eating the food that gave me food poisoning. So I got, like, midway through the show, and I just remember my stomach starting bubbling. So I just remember dancing and onstage in the midst of all that, and I … sharted?”

(I’m going to let your imagination figure out what the word “sharted” means)

That’s hilarious/disgusting/the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever heard come out of someone’s mouth! But I love the fact that Chris found humor in it and shared it with his fans! In case you missed it, check out the clip of Chris explaining how he “sharted” below!

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