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This post is written with some hesitation because it isn’t quite clear how believable the words “tanning” and “black people” are in the same sentence. I think it stands to reason that if Princess Tamar Braxton in Braxton Family Values, Episode 4 takes sister, Toni to the tanning salon then there just has to be some validity to this whole concept of black folks tanning…don’t you?! But, seriously even without Tamar’s endorsement, everyone can tan (regardless of shade, although the lighter of your complexion is, the more apparent the tan is). But why would you lay in the sun or or visit a salon when you all you need to do is to avoid the sun altogether and still look like like you’ve been kissed by it by using sunless tanners.

E!’s Live  From The Red Carpet Perfect Blend by Xen-Tan ($43, ulta stores) is what the celebs used during this past awards season to deliver the golden complexions  we saw all over the red carpets. I asked Lisa, a woman with a porcelain complexion and a fellow beauty junkie to test this product and she said, “Hallelujah! the self tan lotion people have finally realized that there pale yellow folk out there trying to get a little color without turning orange…best I’ve used so far.” If this product was able to create a believable, golden color on Lisa, then there’s every reason to believe that it would work on the palest shades of women in our unique rainbow. The other pros of Xen-Tan are that color appears in as quick as three hours, it dries quickly, it doesn’t turn your elbows, knees and the back of your ankles extra dark which can make you look dirty. It tones your underarm area and doesn’t wash off in the shower.  The one con is that the smell isn’t great, but  it isn’t overpowering.

On the lower end of the spectrum in terms of price, but not in benefits is Australian Gold’s Instant Bronzer SPF Continuous Spray with Fine Finish Technology ($9.49, drugstores). Get the all-too-sought-after caramel glow quickly and easily by spraying all exposed areas (except your face) and wait 20 minutes before sun-exposure. To apply to face, spray into hands and rub. Other benefits of this bronzer includes it dries quickly and is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. And don’t worry about streaking because you get an even coverage with every application.

Check out natural & organic tanning product options here.

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