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Word on the street is that Beyonce is not happy with her husband Jay-Z and his RocNation as her managers and her team called an “emergency meeting” with Bey to make things right.

Sources are saying that the meeting was called because of the lukewarm responses Beyonce’s new album received during a private screening yesterday.

One snitch said: “We had a screening of [Beyonce’s new album, entitled] Four. A number of people told [Beyonce’s label] privately that they were disappointed with the work.”

Among the topics discussed were: re-recording her ENTIRE album (to include more R&B ballads) and dropping Jay Z and RocNation as her managers. The insider explained, “A lot of people blame this album on [Jay Z and RocNation]. They think it’s time she went with one of the major [Management companies in Los Angeles], at least as far as her music career.”

I’m thinking it’s not always a good thing to have your husband as your manager, sometimes you really have to separate the two!

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