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Hello Beautiful!

Are you natural, thinking about going natural, or currently transitioning to natural hair?  If so, and you’re wondering, “What do I do with my hair”, then you are not alone.  In fact, styling and maintaining natural hair is one of the hottest topics in hair care.  Thousands of women have made the transition; either through the B.C. (the big chop) or by growing out their tresses.  For most, this requires them to “relearn” their hair since natural hair opens up a whole new world of discoveries.

First, there’s re-discovering your texture: fine, medium, or coarse.  Then, you have to understand your curl pattern: wavy, curly, tightly curled, coiled, and tightly coiled.  And of course, the biggest challenge is often finding (and maintaining) the right styles for your hair, personality, and lifestyle.  Sound a little exhausting?  Well it can be.  But this is why “Ask Natalie” is here-to help you get through it, and discover your naturalista!

May is all about natural hair.  So we’ve got an entire month to answer all things related to natural hair.  Here are a few tips to get us started:

  1. Determine your hair goals. Think about why you went natural.  Are you looking for styling versatility, texture definition, volume, or easy maintenance? Your goals will help you find the right products and styles.  They’ll also help you to connect with your hair and the natural hair experience.
  2. Consult a professional hair stylist.  A professional stylist will help you understand your hair type and texture.  They’ll also be able to recommend products and styles based on your hair care needs.  Remember, natural hair requires tender, loving care; often in the form of trims, conditioning treatments, or special styles.
  3. Embrace your texture! Your curls and coils may take some getting used to if you haven’t seen your natural texture in years.  But, you must learn to embrace your natural roots, especially if staying natural is one of your goals.  Everyone’s texture is unique, and there is beauty in diversity.

Speaking of embracing your texture, The World Natural Hair, Healthy, & Beauty Show, held in Atlanta April 30th-May 1st, had a sea of beautiful, funky natural hair.  Ladies and gents from all over the country came out to rock their natural hair, and to learn about the biggest movement in hair in decades. Design Essentials was there and I was one of their educators.  The event was FABULOUS of course!!!   View the photos on the Design Essentials Facebook Page.

Be sure to send me all your natural hair questions at

Bye Beautiful!

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