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It seems like everyone just can’t get enough of Nicki Minaj…even arch enemy Lil’ Kim. Last night on Twitter,what may have been Nicki Minaj, a hacked and or fraudulent account tweeted “Lil Kim U Next.” This caused a fan to tweet the Queen Bee suggesting that she name her dog after Nicki Minaj. In what was probably supposed to be sarcasm at best–turned into an irate Twitter rant for the books! Kim immediately began to attack Nicki saying things like:

What kind of coward, lame azz b*tch tweets some sh*t and then deletes it. Real B*tches stand by what they say BOZO

You cheap stocking cap glued $10 bag hair wearing b*tch!!!! Get a lacefront!!! FYI Indian hair don’t come in green B*TCH!

You free lunch eating B*TCH….What!!!

B*tch I see you crawling!!! I got my can of RAID. Come get it!!! #TwitterRoach

I would never name her “Shitty Garbaj”!!! My dog is way prettier than that bitch!!!

So much for this rivalry being over… In the words of Nicki Minaj, and this applies to both successful ladies– “Hang it up, flat-screen!”