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Earth Day should be everyday!  The following tips will keep you inspired to go green through out the entire year.

Tip #1: Turn Off Water When Not In Use – This means, no need to run the water while brushing those pearly whites. And when doing dishes, consider running a full dishwasher full, or if washing by hand, turn the faucet off when not directly rinsing. And when it comes to gardening this season, try a rain barrel. Some cities offer free barrels, check out your local resources.

Tip #2 – Flip The Switch or Unplug! This is one that your parents have been yelling at you since you were a kid. But this is one that can create a lasting change in your home and on the planet. If we ALL flipped the switch every time just think of the savings in money and electricity. It only takes 30 days to create a habit, so start today, and in a month from now, just think…you’ll be saving all kinds of things.

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