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I have to admit, I like to look fly … and I take some of my cues for what is fly from the stars. I am usually a fan of Rihanna. I like her edgy, unpredictable style that transitions to corporate in .003 seconds … and still looks great.  With that said, I also know that some things are made just for television, for the video or for the performance.  Unfortunately, not everyone received that memo.  At 30 plus there are things that I can’t … and shouldn’t … try at home. Toya Sharee, a contributor to Madame Noire, agrees.  She breaks it down in her post Fashion Dos and Don’ts for Clubbing In Your 30’s.

Tip 1: Stay away from the catsuits in the club.

Says Toya Sharee:

I’m convinced catsuits weren’t actually made for real life and when I see anyone wearing them that isn’t a part of a Nicki Minaj video, I die a little inside.  The thing about your 20’s is that you may actually believe that the fashion seen in music videos will play out well in real life, when in actuality you usually end up looking like a watered down Marvel comic book character.  Leave the leather and vinyl cat suits to Catwoman.  And don’t get me started on the denim jumpsuits.  If you watch Jersey Shore, you already know about “Denim, Denim,Denim!”  Deena’s denim jumpsuit was played out and so is yours.  Hang it up, flatscreen.

Tip 2: Wear fabrics and styles that breathe and allow you to move.

Believe it or not, the main purpose of going to clubs for some people is to dare I say it…Dance.  Maybe, in your twenties you spent hours getting fly and flashy just to sit by the bar and sip on a Martini looking cute.  In your thirties, after spending most of the week sitting in a cubicle in front of a computer, the last thing you want to do is sit some more.  Cotton and silk allow air to circulate when you are gyrating on the dance floor.   If you’re worried about nip slips and butt cleavage, you’ll fidget and fuss with your wardrobe all night. Tucking and pulling at your clothes to make sure you’re covered is distracting and makes you look insecure. Short and tight isn’t sexy if you look uncomfortable.

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