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A new movie about the life of Tupac Shakur is in the works and producers are holding online auditions for the lead role of Tupac. The biopic named “Tupac” will be directed by Antoine Fuqua (“Training Day,” “Tears of the Sun,” “Brooklyn’s Finest”). The movie will take us through the rise and fall of of one of raps most prolific stars. “Tupac” will follow Shukur’s life from his rise in rap music, to Death Row Records, the troubles along the way and his death.

Morgan Creek Productions, Skee.TV and Karmaloop.TV have offered an online way for people to audition for the film.  Producers are looking for people who can portray the star and are asking actors to submit a 5 minute audition tape. The casting call runs now until April 30th 2011. Producers are looking for someone with the right mix of raw charm and charisma for the role.  A representative from the search said, “At this point, we’re more concerned about finding someone with the ability to give their entire heart into the performance than just looks and personality.”

The five minute audition will consist of a monologue and a 2pac song. To audition for the Tupac project you must:

  • Download and read the scene on-camera. Only the individual submitting the scene should appear in the video.
  • Perform your favorite Tupac song/rap on camera. Please limit your song rendition to 1 minute.

Submissions will be accepted from 12:01am on March 18th, 2011 through 11:59pm on April 30th, 2011. For more information on the audition, go to  http://insearchoftupac.skeetv.com/.


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