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Singer Solange’s philanthrophic arm knows no bounds. Earlier this week, young Knowles teamed up on a song to raise funds and awareness surrounding Africa’s water and sanitation issue with project RAIN. Now, joined by her six-year-old son, Julez, they plan to raise money for the victims of the earthquake and tsunmai devastation in Japan through his artwork.

“Me and my son, we are on the west coast still, we woke up on the morning of the earthquake and tsunami, at around six o’ clock that morning, and were watching it on television,” she tells WENN.

Knowles’ inspiration for this fundraising effort began when her inquisitive son expressed that something should be done. She was so moved by his selflessness that she decided to help Julez create products to sell in their Los Angeles neighborhood.

“He was very affected by it and asked a lot of questions and we decided we wanted to do something together to help. So we actually are in the process, we’re almost done… He did a watercolor of the Japanese flag and we’re making shirts and totes [bags] and note cards and we’re gonna sell them locally here and donate the proceeds. We’re really excited about it.”

Knowles is in good company with her altruistic endeavors as celebs Lady GaGa, Katy Perry, and Linkin Park are amongst the few also raising money to aid in the Japanese relief effort. They all have promised to donate profit sales from merchandise, clothing, and wristbands to those affected by the tragedy.