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Singer Jennifer Lopez wants a judge to toss out a $10 million lawsuit filed against her for allegedly impeding in a film project by her first husband, insisting it would damage her reputation and career. In a battle of the sexes, Ojani Noa’s ex-girlfriend and business partner Claudia Vazquez claims Lopez has prevented her from producing and marketing the comedy based on the story of her and Noa’s life together.

But Lopez would rather not have the information becoming public and continues to fight to make sure the footage never see the light of day. She previously won an injunction to stop Noa and film producer Ed Meyer from moving forward with the film and now in new legal papers, she is requesting a dismissal.

“I believe that Noa’s and Meyer’s dissemination of private and intimate details about me, whether true or fabricated, and my alleged relationship with Noa and also their exploiting false and disparaging descriptions and lies about me are highly damaging to me and to my career in the entertainment industry,” Lopez writes.

“I believe that Noa will damage my reputation with movie producers and businesses which contract with celebrities for the use of their names, likenesses and spokesperson services for commercial endorsements and may very well cause some members of the movie-going and record-buying public to think badly of me.”

Meanwhile, producer Ed Meyer tells WENN he is confident the public will get a chance to see this film, stating “Jennifer Lopez can stall all she wants, but we are confident of a victory. The home videos will eventually be released for all of her fans to see.”