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I love Jennifer Hudson’s new song “Where You At?” It says what so many women want to say to the men in their lives (that’s another conversation for another time) and features her strong and classic vocals. SN: We won’t talk about the error in grammar.

Because of “Where You At?” I was looking forward to the entire album, but these days money is tight and purchasing music is a luxury.  So, I was happy when I received the track listing and a link to hear the entire project.

I figured others might enjoy it as well … so, I am sharing (say thanks).  A big shout out to Terron in Cincy for sending this my way. ‘Preciate you boo!

Track Listing For Jennifer Hudson’s “I Remember Me:”

1. No One Gonna Love You

2. I Got This

3. Where You At

4. Angel

5. I Remember Me

6. Gone

7. Everybody Needs Love

8. Why Is It So Hard

9. Don’t Look Down

10. Still Here

11. Feeling Good

12. Believe

Listen to the album.