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I was literally shocked the first time I saw the movie True Lies and one character, describing all the great attributes of a woman he planned on seducing, said she had an “ass like a 10 year-old boy.

I remember thinking that can’t be right! Cause if that’s the case, how could…? How…? Why…?

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Of course, over time, I’ve done much more reading and one of the things I’ve come across that’s given the aforementioned weird perspective at least a little grounding in history for me has been discovering just how rampant homosexuality was among the founders of what we now consider to be “civilization”.

Yes, those great Greeks that reportedly “invented” democracy also had very little interest in women and used them primarily as “breeding sows” (their term).

The main sexual interest of the Greeks—and I’m talking all the big shots here, Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Alexander the Great, was young boys.

In fact, a 12 year-old boy was supposed to have the ideal sexual body.

So to say that a woman has “an ass like a 10 year-old boy” could actually be considered a compliment by that line of thinking because you’re essentially saying that she’s just ripening.

How’d this all begin to change?

Well, the irony is that Catholicism—which is now considered to be almost synonymous with homosexual pedophilia—actually did away with that day’s indifference to homosexuality by making it a “sin”.

Still, when you see some boy-bodied female model in a fashion industry run and controlled by gay white men, it’s easy to believe that that line of thinking hasn’t completely disappeared.

But RK Byers, what is your point?

And how fool, if it does at all, does it relate to Black women?

Well, all I’m saying is this: to my knowledge, I’m not a descendant of Greeks. Nor are most Black people that I know. And luckily, Black and white tastes in the female form don’t run parallel.

So it would probably be in our better interest to judge Black women’s bodies along our own scale.

This isn’t to say that some bloated pig should get a pass just cause she’s a Black woman. This is, however, to allow for the things that we like, like some hips and some booty.

I write all this because that porcine lunatic Rush Limbaugh just attempted to slight our first lady Michelle Obama as being overweight because she indeed has a couple of our favorites: hips and booty.

Rush, we know what your ideal sex partner is, and like Austin Powers would say, “It’s a man, man!”


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