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You would think by now that Kobe has learned his lesson. After being accused of sexual assault in 2003 and almost losing his wife Vanessa, I’m hearing that Kobe is up to his old tricks.Sources are saying that Kobe was spotted at a private party chatting up a trashy girl and then disappearing with her for 15 mins.

Here’s what went down:

He talked to her for an hour then he took her in the bathroom or a back bedroom for maybe 15 minutes. I wanted to take a picture but he had a security guard watching people with camera phones. They came back from the back and talked some more, got dances from the strippers then left and got in the same black suburban together. Lance Gross, Devine, Lamar Odom and some more lakers and celebritys were there. The girls were mad that Kobe chose her out of all the girls at party. Some of MC girls were in there.

Celebs should know that nothing is private anymore if you’re in a public place!

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