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NAACP President Kojo Nantambu blasted CMS superintendent Peter Gorman’s decision to make up a snow day on Dr. Martin Luther King’s Holiday.

“Once again Dr. Gorman has shown total disdain and disrespect for a very significant part of this community. He continues to demonstrate a blatant deliberate disconnect with the African American Community,” said Rev. Kojo Nantambu in a press release.

Nantambu argues CMS should choose another day or even a Saturday to make up the missed school days. The NAACP is urging clergy to encourage church members to boycott school on Monday.

My92.7 personality and City Councilman Pat Cannon also critized Gorman’s decision to make up the snow day on the holiday.

“It shows a sign of disrespect even if that’s not what is intended,” Cannon told the Charlotte Observer. “More consideration should be given.”

Gorman told the Observer state law governs how many days students must be in school each year, and CMS has “tight window” to decide makeup days.

“We could get to the point where we’re looking at spring break,” he said. “This is the poster child example for why we need control over our own calendar.”