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A lot of times, people fall in love with songs and don’t really pay attention to the lyrics.

Later on they realize that their favorite song isn’t about what they thought it was. For example, how many weddings have you been to and heard the wedding DJ play Earth Wind & Fire’s “Reasons,” a song which just happens to be about cheating.

Not exactly wedding reception material.

Anyway, The following batch of songs all tend to have a sexual predator theme to them, split between statutory rape fantasies and what could be considered sexual assault.

Are any of these songs your favorites???

Major Harris “Love Won’t Let Me Wait”

This sneaky lil tune has delighted lovers since it was first performed by Major Harris in the early ’70s,  but on closer inspection, the lyrics seem a little non-consensual, if you will…

EVIDENCE:  “I refuse to leave ’til I see the morning sun.” “Move a little close to me, you owe it to yourself / And I will selfishly take a little for myself”

Keith Sweat “Right And A Wrong Way”

Keith Sweat’s ode to statutory rape features the singer trying to charm the panties off a young girl, and while her age is never explicitly stated in the song, considering Keith’s age at the time of this song’s release (26), it’s probably safe to assume that she was probably on the wrong side of 18. Guess Keith is still trying to figure out the right and wrong way to love somebody.

EVIDENCE: “You may be young but you’re ready / Ready to learn / You’re not a little girl you’re a woman”

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